Deposit Protection Explained

When it comes to fund withdrawals from trading accounts, many traders face withdrawal issues. Deposit Protection will help you avoid such issues, and, if they occurred, help you resolve them and get your money back from your broker. We offer the Popular package free of charge, and this will be more than enough for most retail traders.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up for Free
  2. Sign up and get access to Deposit Protection free of charge. Once there, all website materials and features will become fully available to you.

  3. Open Your Account Securely
  4. If you have not opened an account with a broker yet, do so by following our Start Trading the Right Way guide. With an account opened the right way, you will avoid most issues in the future.

  5. Minimize Your Risk
  6. Get Basic Knowledge on Low Risk TradingOur How to Minimize Your Risk guide will boost your chances for successful trading.

  7. Monitor Your Broker
  8. Our system tracks dozens of brokers and major regulators. If anything happens to your broker, you will get notified!

  9. Resolve Conflicts with Your Broker
  10. If your broker is not wiling to pay you, contact them using our recommended tools and techniques. In most cases, this will be enough, as the broker will see you are well prepared and will allow you to withdraw your money.

  11. Get Your Money Back Forcibly
  12. If the communication with the broker is no success, you can forcibly get your money back using our detailed guides. This will help in 95% of cases!

  13. Hire Chargeback Experts
  14. If none of the above works, you can also contact companies that specialize in trading deposit chargeback processes.

Withdrawal Issues Breakdown


Verification Issues

Sometimes, beginner traders do not take the account verification process serious, which leads to most withdrawal-related issues. Always verify your accounts responsibly!


Broker Terms Violations

Broker terms breaches lead to the withdrawal being locked or delayed; this mostly refers to bonus or leverage terms and conditions violations.


Fraudulent Activity

As a rule, traders face frauds and scam when they choose unregulated brokers. This is very easy to avoid, though: just open accounts with the brokers regulated by financial authorities.

How to avoid these issues

Deposit Protection will help to significantly reduce these risks. Get full access to our service and enjoy the peace of mind!

We created this website in order to both educate the traders and help them win their disputes against the brokers, while also punishing scam brokers who want to grab the beginner traders' money. (There are few such brokers out there, but they still exist). We have closely cooperated with financial market regulators and multinational payment system vendors in order to create this website, and we hope Deposit Protection will help you always enjoy peace of mind and keep your money with you.

Deposit Protection Team

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Open an Account with a Broker the Right Way

As a rule, traders face withdrawal issues when they do not take the account opening process serious. If you want to get your payments in time and just as planned instead, follow the steps offered by Deposit Protection, and you will succeed in avoiding most of these issues.

Minimize Your Risk

How to keep your deposit safe? How to boost your profit potential and minimize risks? We'll tell you this in our Hot to Minimize Your Trading Risks guide. Follow these simple rules, and your chances for saving and increasing your deposit will be boosted drastically!

Monitor Your Broker Reliability

Use the broker monitoring feature and get real time updates on its reliability. We monitor and notify you on all regulation status changes and the relevant docs, such as fines, license withdrawals, decreases in paying capacity, and much more. Thus, you will be among the first to safely withdraw your money from your trading account!

Effective Broker Communication

Have a conflict with your broker? We are on your side! We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prove that you are right and serious to the unhelpful broker agents. Meanwhile, the knowledge you will acquire here on Deposit Protection will prevent the brokers from fooling you.

Use Doc Templates

Doc templates created by legal professionals will help you to act with confidence when getting your money back. You will often win a dispute when the broker sees that you are well versed. Nobody wants to get into a conflict with a smart person.

File Complaints to the Regulators and Banks

Many people hate bureaucracy and this is why they give up after filing a dispute. Still, you must remember that the law is on your side! Just act as you should and your money will be back. Deposit Protection will help you to understand that.

Get Your Money Back to Your Account

Filing complaints to banks or regulators is a rare case. Once the broker sees that you are serious and smart, it will usually release your deposit. It may, however, go way too far sometimes, and, in this case, you can also use the legal adviser services.

Subscribe today! Act the right way at the account opening stage, and you will avoid 92% of common trader mistakes! We wish you success in the financial markets and only trusted and respectful brokers. And we are happy to help you achieve this!

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